Eilish Out-O’Reilly
July-September 2017

Bringing the essence Empower to life through interactive content.

The Brief:

For this project the brief was to design a responsive website concept for an exisiting New Zealand social organisation. Empower was our organisation of choice. Focusing on food education Empower is a school programme created through the collaboration of Life Education and Garden to Table.

The organisation provides a comprehensive and sustainable programme to help tackle the biggest epidemic to threaten NZ children this century. Obesity.


As a start point, we deconstructed Empowers exisiting website. The information and current architecture of it, was primarily designed to service teachers or schools looking for information. Which is undoubtedly an important function, However both parents and children who the organisations work aims to effect are left out of loop.

The website talks about who, and why, but little about the how and what they do. We wanted to change this. To showcase and bring to life the essence of the organisation and the work they do, through the content of their website.


After refreshing the information architecture, we set about to do the same to Empower's Identity. We wanted to create a fresh, modern logo mark that helped align the brand with the additional target markets.


Translating knowledge and education to action is something that underpins Empower as an organisation. For this reason we also made sure it underpinned the content of the website as well.

When developing the Learn More section, this very idea was paramount. We didn't want it to be the statistic driven information piece aimed at parents that we so often see. Instead, we wanted to make all the information practical, tangible and digestible.